Clear Report

A Comprehensive Legal and Regulatory Service for the Insurance and Financial Services Industries

A Comprehensive Legal and Regulatory Service for the Insurance and Financial Services Industries

One of the great challenges to all facets of the insurance industry is staying current with changes to laws and regulations. Too often, sources are slow to supply changes or provide less than complete information about them.

We offer a solution to this dilemma for all facets of our industry: the Comprehensive Legal and Regulatory (CLEAR) Report.™

Developed by a team of insurance professionals with 70 years of experience in the industry, CLEAR Report™ is a weekly report of new state and federal legislation and regulations, bulletins and circular letters. Reporting includes more than just state insurance departments. Regulations are reported from other agencies that impact your business, including the Department of Health and Human Services, The Department of Labor, Secretary of State, Department of Motor Vehicles, Office of Thrift Supervision, Office of the Comptroller of Currency and the Treasury Department at both the state and federal levels.

Streamline your compliance process with CLEARTrack™

With the CLEAR Service you are provided with the most cost efficient way to track important compliance activities. By using the CLEARTrack™ feature of CLEAR, the time and expense of developing and maintaining internal company compliance logs is eliminated. Managers may assign responsibility for specific compliance issues to key employees and then document actions taken as a result of the new legislation, regulations and bulletins.

These actions are monitored and tracked via the CLEARTrack™database. You can also use CLEARTrack™ to record market conduct exam requirements, and other needs unique to your company. The compliance professionals at CLEAR pride themselves on the ability to tailor this service to meet the needs of individual clients. Every company’s process is different. The CLEAR service is tailored to mesh with your existing processes. The CLEAR goal is to save you time and money.

Service sets CLEAR apart from the competition

The CLEAR team, led by an insurance law attorney, provides additional research upon request. This service is included in the subscription. If you require additional information about anything contained in the report or would like to see other versions of full text files, simply send the team a request and the information will be provided in the same business day.

Don’t accept a “one size fits all” service

Need information on only selected topics and/or in only selected states? Limited subscriptions are offered and tailored to your needs. Need information on subjects not covered? Different categories can be added to meet your requirements.

The benefits of your subscription to the CLEAR Report™

  • Suggested Actions are provided to you with each change to laws or regulations.
  • A direct link is provided for your access to the full text of each new law or regulation.
  • All entries are maintained for you on the CLEAR Report™independent website, so they are permanent and searchable.
  • You choose the reports that you receive:–Life, LTC and Disability (group, individual and credit)
    –Health and LTC
    –Health, LTC and Disability
    –Bank Report
    –Advertising, marketing and promotion only.
    –Property and Casualty
    *The Securities Report, including SEC and NASD rulings, is included with the Life Subscription at no additional cost for new subscribers.