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About Us

CLEAR Market Practices, LLC has been delivering weekly reports since 2001. CLEAR Reports provide up-to-date information on all aspects of regulatory material that impacts a given line of insurance, including legislation, regulations, bulletins, directives, Attorneys General opinions, and any other information we believe can be helpful.

We have a mix of attorneys and compliance professionals on staff who are reviewing daily new regulatory articles passed and organizing them into five different reports (life, health, property and casualty, bank and securities). Within each report, we further organize each article into topics (over 150+ different topics). Each Monday morning, a weekly email is sent to each user as a reminder that the new reports are available.

CLEAR Reports assist our clients to:


Quickly review specific topics that are relevant to their business;


Easily search by key-words, topics and/or state;


Track only those articles that need to be followed to ensure each are completed; and


Ability to add task and comments to each article.

Each company purchases a single site license which allows for an unlimited number of users at no additional costs.

What We Offer


100 different topics to choose from.

Example Topics include: annuities, benefits, conservation, department of insurance, illustration and replacements.


77 different topics to choose from.

Example Topics include:  grievance/utilization review, HIPAA, health plans and Medicaid/Medicare/Medicare supplements.

Property & Casualty

74 different topics to choose from.

Example Topics include: commercial insurance, general liability insurance, surety bonds and Workers’ Compensation insurance.


48 different topics to choose from.

Example Topics include: certificate of deposit, commercial loans, credit union, FDIC and mortgages.



43 different topics to choose from.

Example Topics include: equity, future contracts, registered agents, tuition savings plans and variable annuity.

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Articles Reported in 2024

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Life Articles

Property & Casualty Articles

Bank Articles

Security Articles

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“We appreciate doing business with CLEAR Market Practices as they provide timely notifications of new regulations. This allows us to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to recent regulatory activity. This is definitely a company that has their “pulse” on the insurance industry.”


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